Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Katie's Easter Play

Here are the clips from Katie's Easter play at school. K3 sang 3 songs and did the sign language to go with each song. I think they did a wonderful job (especially considering the play was scheduled during what is normally K3's nap time! Very sweet. I am so proud of Katie and thankful that she is learning what Easter is really about!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Beautiful Sunset

I have enjoyed my time here in Florida so much. I have really missed Matt and would have given anything to have him home. However, given the circumstances being near my family and in the sunshine has been such a blessing to me. The kids have done really well here. Katelyn has had a wonderful experience at her school and the church here. Last Sunday, she jumped up out of bed and informed me, "I absolutely can not miss second service!" She has learned so much about God along with her regular studies. Plus, she has done excellent in her Spanish class and regularly switches out English words for Spanish which I am very pleased about! Although we have all missed Connecticut, it has been wonderful here. I have spent so much quality time with my sister and I am going to miss her dearly. I am so thankful for the support of family and friends during the time Matt has been away. This beautiful sunset reminds me of my wonderful time here... however, as our time begins to end here in Florida we get one day closer to daddy coming home!!!

Lunch at Jim N Nicks

This BBQ place is one of our favorites... here are a few pictures from our lunch there eating on the porch. Yummy!

a cool ride

Katie was having a blast pushing Marcus in his walker the other night... here's a clip...

My little student of the month

Katie received a very special award during school announcement's this morning: She was the March Student of the Month. The principal gave her the award, and told her what that she was a judicious learner who worked hard to persevere. (Mrs. Michey's favorite word is Judicious!) Katie was playing with her dolls the other day and said, "thank you, that is being a judicious learner!) I had to cut the movie clip short but the kids were just getting ready to answer... Katie is a judicious leaner!

Jan's Visit

My friend Jan came to visit me here in Florida... we had a wonderful time relaxing on the beach, eating out, and window shopping! I hadn't seen Jan for 2 years so it was so good to catch up in person. We both enjoyed our time together and hope we get to do it again soon. Watch the movie clip to see a dolphin jump out of the bay... we saw it during sunset at dinner on the harbor.

(Picture below: my sister, Jan, Marcus and me at McGuire's Irish pub... there is over $800,000. on the walls there!)