Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Here are just a few of my favorites...

Matt's Birthday/ Thanksgiving Day

Matt's birthday fell on Thanksgiving Day this year. We had a lovely day/ Matt's parents came to visit and we started the morning off with Apple puff pancake (Matt's favorite) then relaxed watching football, playing outside, sitting by the fire, opening the kid's Christmas presents from Grammy and Grandpa and finishing off the day with Thanksgiving Dinner! What a great day!

Katie's Christmas Performance

Katie's school celebrated the Christmas season with a special performance by the K4/K5 classes. I made little mini movies of the singing and took a few pictures. We were so proud of our little girl who looks so grown up while up on the stage! Afterwards, we took Katie and Marcus to Chick-fil-a for ice cream and a little play time!

Santa and Downtown Charleston

After church yesterday we took the kids downtown to eat at our favorite restaurant Joseph's. Matt loves the Sweet Potato Pancakes with Pecan butter! When we finished lunch we took the kids to the market and to see Santa. Katie went right up to speak with them, but Marcus wouldn't even let me set him down. Katie didn't care much for Santa at his age either! We had a wonderful day together... here are some pictures of the kids running around playing!